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Using psychedelics as tools


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In an enhanced state of consciousnes, as can be reached by way of' psychedelic jouneying, people often feel their creative capabilities expanded, their intellect reaching new heigths, they experience access to greater wisdom and truth than in their normal state. This is often ridiculed and those ideas discarded afterwards, as they make no sense in the then again limited perspective or in the eges of bystanders.

In a trip many feel they reach insights not only about their own situation, but relevant on a wider scale. There are stories about big scientific discoveries, but also many artists and even entrepreneurs will acknowledge that psychedelics have helped them in their work, maybe only in private but nevertheless.

Systematic use of trance and psychedelic techniques to gain new insights and fuel innovations has not been part of the scientific or in general the innovation toolkit, but this may change. Seen the pressing global problems we face, the need to deal with them leaves us no choice. It's time for wisdom beyond the science paradigm, and why not resort to what, at least in recorded history, has been the last resort for endangered empires, let's call in the prophets. Now the magii and prophets of old most likely used tools like psychedelics, ritual and all kind of irrational correspondences, so why not have a look at that!

New ideas often result from a change in perspective, looking fresh at problems, turning them in opportunities. Pressing issues like ecology, energy, peace are not addressed in this way, using what psychedelics could offer if used in a format geared towards exploring different perspectives, including the irrational. There are many fields that could benefit from this, psychology and dealing with diseases of the psyche to start with, but why not use the psychedelic format to look a bit beyond that.

A good example is the fundamental dichotomy between religion and science, seen by many as the root cause of many social and ecological problems. This is obviously where psychedelic exploration is well positioned. Questions like the nature of time, non locality, entropy and syntropy (Luigi Fantappie's idea that information flows from the future), the notion that there is a deterministic and a free will time dimension, supercausality, superconsciousness, what better tool to research this than something that projects the seeker into a state where time, space and the laws of physics are malleable? The complexity of such enigmas requires new methods of exploration, why not use what nature offers?

Combinations with therapy

As we learn more about the short- and long-term effects a more specific use of the various substances can be made, either psychological, emotional or physical. Also combinations of substances and the use of identical or different ‘boosters’ or otherwise enhancers to prolong or enhance the effects will be researched and become more widespread. Many already privately experiment with this, but is has yet to be studied in formal research projects.

A better understanding of the mechanisms in the brain and the body, using modern scanning and neuro-research, will also lead to new ways to administer the substances, new procedures and safer conditions.

The combination of postures, exercises and body situation with certain substances will probably also be researched. Sitting, lying, walking, or certain body postures have different effect, add to that the environmental factors like sound, light, temperature, etc. and a whole realm of potential studies emerges. Many people know that hsensory deprivation>sensory deprivation (darkness) enhance the journey or steer it towards specific goals. With the help of modern technology like smart watch sensors, headbands, MRI and other scanning methods the effects can be determined and effective treatment or tripping protocols established.

There are all kinds of possibilities to combine established approaches like yoga, breathwork, tai-chi, biodanza, watsu immersive water therapy, lucid dreaming, regression, reiki, quantum touch, family constellations, transpersonal therapy, bodywork, tantra and a myriad of others with psychedelics. This no doubt will widen the potential and maybe help the acceptance of what are now mostly illegal drugs.

Even as it is generally accepted that body and mind work together, that embodied cognition is far more important than just ‘thinking’ and that the right ‘set and setting’ is not only relevant in tripping but in most human activities, much more work is needed to unlock the full potential of these substances.

Looking at psychedelics as tools, comparable to microscopes, MRI scanners, mathematics or blackboards may sound as rationalising something which is illogical, but what if we can do this in such a way, that we can repeat the experiments and report them in a logical and constant way. Modern technology allows to keep track of many body and brain phenonemena, smartbands, scanners and sensors abound.

In a way it breaks with the conventional and reductionistic view. This approach is already indicated in the book 'Sacred Journeys, tripguide for psychonauts' but in there is kind of hidden behind lost of practica,information. It does contains however the metamessage, hidden in many suggestions, besides, pictures, tables, new ideas and the general notion that ritual use of psychedelics offers access to the irrational, magic, healing and ESP. This is NOT what the establishment, including the scientist researching the use of psychedelics for medical and psychological purposes, likes to hear. Yet more understanding of the irrational, the magic (also the basic component of much religious practice) is what the world needs, and why not take it serious?

The goal of the project is to look into with what a broader look at psychedelics might bring in understanding the psyche, innovation, creation and at a deel phillosphical level, what causation is, how evolution fits into notions of entropy, negentropy (information) and syntropy.

The approach centers around two axes:

A: Obtaining data and facilitating research about the combined use of standard therapeutic, innovation, motivation and groupmind processes with psychedelics. Will approaches like yoga, massage, bodywork, tantra, biodanza, the many forms of psychotherapy, creativity workshops, TED-talks, business meetings, and all those often ritualised ways to achieve change benefit from additional use of psychedelics? Privately there are many experiments in this direction, but no serious attempts to combine, interpret and disseminate the results.

B: Looking into the magical results of psychedelic practice. There is lots of anecdotal material about miraculous healing and irrational results, but little structured research. Yet to prove or disprove the possibility is the way to bridge the worlds of science and religion, of materialist and idealist thinking, or ratio, causation and belief, if not of love and truth.

In order to make this happen, we ask people with experiences in this field, special capabilities and research proposals to contact us. Drawing up protocols in order to compare outcome, guidelines for sessions, streamlining reports is one goal.  Hosting or sponsoring events is a possibility, supporting publications and in general cooperation to 'break out of the conventional' concerning psychedelics is what we can offer.

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PS: I am looking for a publisher or distributor in the UK and the US. The book will be anonymous, but on you will find more books and material supporting the case, most freely downloadable.


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